Moscato Punch

Moscato Punch

Moscato is one of my favorite white wines because I love the sweetness and delicious flavor!  Moscato Punch is super yummy and refreshing! I have been going over to Aubrey’s house to help her pack and get things done.  I have moved across the country twice, so I know how much time and work goes into the whole process. I can’t believe one of my best friends is moving to another state in a week.  We are going through the packing motions, but it is always in the back of my mind that she is leaving.  I know this is such an amazing opportunity for her family and it was meant to be for them, but it breaks my heart!  I will miss her more than she knows!!!  We are going to spend as much time together as possible until moving day.

Anyways…to help us get through packing and to enjoy some break time with our feet in the pool, I made us some Moscato Punch.  It is super quick and easy to make and the pink lemonade, Sprite Zero, and raspberries are the perfect addition to the yummy wine.  We LOVED it!  We are having a girls night this weekend and you better believe that we are going to enjoy some Moscato Punch.


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Moscato Punch
Moscato Punch is sweet, fruity, refreshing and perfect for a warm day, girl's night, or game night!
Recipe type: cocktail
  • 2 bottles Moscato wine
  • 1 pink lemonade frozen concentrate
  • 1 cup Sprite Zero
  • Fresh raspberries
  1. In a pitcher, add wine, pink lemonade, and Sprite Zero
  2. Stir
  3. Add fresh raspberries to the pitcher
  4. Pour punch into glasses with ice
  5. Add fresh raspberries to the top of each glass
  6. Enjoy



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    • MsOand says

      @Nita, any d’asti Moscatos are great. They are sweet without the bitter after taste. Wal-Mart or Sams carry a Belle Bolles d’asti in a Cobalt Blue bottle. I think Costco has a Risata Moscato as well. They also have some in a red bottle that is equally tasty. I have tried many and found d’asti to be less bitter

    • tiffany says

      Barefoot moscato is awesome abd pretty cheap as well I think it’s better than a lot of more expensive versions though can get it pretty much anywhere that sells wine wall Mart rite aid etc

  1. Mikaw says

    What size pitcher should be used for this? This sounds awesome and I plan on making it this weekend for a get together.

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