Welcome to Real Housemoms!  I’m Aubrey.  I’m Mom to two little monkeys and married to my best friend.  I love finding food that’s easy to make and my family loves!  Real Housemoms started as a way to share recipes with friends, now I just have a lot more friends!


When Real Housemoms started I was living in Arizona and blogging with my friend.  Since then, she has moved on to other things and I’ve moved just outside of Portland, Oregon with my family!  That was quite a change, but it’s been great and we’re loving it!  I grew up moving A LOT, so this move wasn’t too difficult.  I love getting to see different parts of the U.S. but I think we’ll be here for a while and I’m so glad.  It’s beautiful!!!

When I was growing up I loved to watch cooking shows.  I remember being home from school with strep once, while my grandmother was in town.  She told me there was a new network starting that she wanted to see.  Something called The Food Network.  We watched the whole time I was sick.  I was in love, and I learned so much over the years watching!  Then, when I got married and started cooking for my family I got comfortable trying new things and experimenting.  I love when other people enjoy my something I created.

Real Housemoms has allowed me to share my recipes with a bigger audience and “meet” so many great new people!  I feel so blessed to be able to share my kitchen with you!

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