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Aubrey lives in Oregon with her husband, two little guys and her Boston Terrier, Sam.  She loves to spend time exploring her new home state and tasting new dishes for inspiration in and around Portland.  She loves to read Jane Austen novels over and over or binge watch the Food Network or BBC shows on Netflix.

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Julie lives in Arizona with her fiance and their two boys.  Julie love Guinness, whiskey, and carbs.  Oh does she love carbs!  She likes sneaking a little booze into her baked goods too, and could put bacon in everything.  She is a music nerd, loves “that’s what she said” jokes, and playing superheroes with her boys.  Julie is the round up queen around here, among other talents!  She loves writing and working at RH, and helping out the team.  You can visit Julie on her blog: White Lights on Wednesday

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Abbey name Abbey

Abbey working wife and mommy residing in Columbus, OH. By day I work in accounting and by night I’m a blogging, crafting, creating, fanatic. My blog, The Cards We Drew, started in 2009 to document my pregnancy and family life and has slowly developed into a creative.  You can visit Abbey on her blog: The Cards We Drew

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Alisa name Alisa Marie

Alisa is a small-town girl from Kansas living in the big State of Texas.  A wife. A Mom. And a total candy addict. You can visit Alisa on her blog: All Things Alisa Marie

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Ari name Ari

Ari lives in Mesa, AZ with her husband and two puppies: Winston (Jack Russell mix) and Clementine (Mini Dachshund). She teaches musical theatre and acting for an arts school, and does freelance directing and choreography around the valley. After spending her entire life unhealthy and overweight, she decided to make a change in 2008. She learned to cook and became passionate about fitness which led to her losing 75 pounds (and keeping it off!). She is currently obsessed with food photography, running, triathlons, cycling, CrossFit, craft cocktails, and pictures of puppies. Also she is (almost) never serious, and (most of the time) entirely too loud for most adult functions.  You can visit Ari on her blog: Ari’s Menu

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Barbara name Barbara

Barbara is a lover of all things creative, simple, and budget friendly. She is always looking for an opportunity to let her creative juices flow, while balancing home and motherhood. She started Chase the Star in early 2012 to chronicle her hands-on decorating adventures and it has since evolved into a lifestyle blog where she encourages readers to find their inner “DIY’er”. Barbara shares easy crafts, furniture makeovers, family posts, recipes and more. She resides in sunny Southern California with her husband, kids, dog and cat.  You can visit Barbara on her blog: Chase the Star

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Becky name Becky

Becky woke up on her 30th birthday and realized she didn’t know how to cook…anything! She set out on her journey to learn, one recipe at a time.  She created The Cookie Rookie in 2012;  creating easy and delicious recipes that anyone can make, and everyone will love.  Joined by her dog Scout and cat Dill, learning in The Cookie Rookie kitchen is always a good time.  Come join the fun!  You can visit Beck on her blog: The Cookie Rookie

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Carli is a working- stay at home mom to 3 kiddos. She is married to my high-school sweetheart, and their family resides in their home-state of Washington. When Carli’s not working, taxiing kids to and from activities or doing laundry; she enjoys anything crafty, sewing and of course party planning! Carli is the owner and lead designer of the online party printables company, DimplePrints. She likes to celebrate the simple things in life with unique party ideas, fun family printables, and more.  You can visit Carli on her blog: Dimple Prints

Carrie name Carrie

Carrie lives in West Virginia and is a blogger, recipe developer, & the stay-at-home mama of a toddler & a teenager.  She cooks, bakes, and mixes in a drink or two. She’s a thrifty fashionista and a lover of family travel.  You can visit Carrie on her blog: Frugal Foodie Mama

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Cassie name Cassie

I’m a self-taught makeup expert with big city tastes and a small pocketbook. That means I know how to feed my unhealthy obsession of lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, and nail polish on a budget.  You can visit Cassie on her blog: Southeast by Midwest

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Christina name Christina

Christina is a self-proclaimed recipe hoarder that reads cook books cover to cover like most people ready a juicy novel. Her family is the center of her universe.  She lives in gorgeous northeastern Pennsylvania with her spunky, tractor-crazed son and her crime-fighting, drumming, (and also) tractor-crazed husband.  She loves crisp fall days,Penn State football and thinks that garlic makes everything better.  Christina is happiest on family game night and when her house is filled with hungry dinner guests.  You can visit Christina on her blog: It’s a Keeper

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Dena name Dena too

I enjoy making and re-making all kinds of things and enjoy sharing those things with others.  I hope you will be able to learn from my successes as well as my failures, er, art-sharts.  Most of all, I hope to inspire you to bravely conquer that project that you think is impossible. I love the smell of bleach, I could eat only sandwiches for the rest of my life and I have been involved in an abusive relationship with the Dallas Cowboys for over twenty years.   I enjoy rare steak, black coffee, Redbreast, pork rinds, anything chartreuse and organizing things.  I drink vinegar.  I think farting is funny.  Except when my husband does it.  In front of our Realtor.  On purpose.  You can visit Dena on her blog: Hearts & Sharts

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Diana name Diana

Diana is a Jesus lovin’ girl who lives in NY with her police officer husband and 3 kids.  She loves to create projects with a quick turn around time but is not afraid of tackling bigger projects that require more time and power tools.  She enjoys designing free printables and bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie.  Diana is a simple chick who just loves to create and make people laugh.  You can visit Diana on her blog: The Girl Creative

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Holly name Holly

I’m a lover of cupcakes and brownies, green smoothies and tofu. I don’t believe in dieting, restriction, or guilt. I believe in loving the skin you’re in, staying active, and listening to your body. After a decade-long battle with an eating disorder, I’m on a personal journey to living my happiest and healthiest life yet.  You can visit Holly on her blog: Happy Food Healthy Life

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Jamie name Jamie

Jamie is located in Rural Georgia just outside of Savannah. Real life do-it-yourselfer, old furniture rescuer, mom of two who loves great style but loves saving money, too. Newly converted country girl with a modern farmhouse style who still longs for the cityscape some days but wouldn’t give up her pet chickens for it. Loves good food, great company and has a passion for entertaining. You’ll find her in the workshop most days with paintbrush in hand. It’s a cheap brand of therapy and it keeps a smile on her face.  You can visit Jamie on her blog: Southern Revivals

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Julie name Julie

Julie is a food writer and recipe developer at Confessions of a Cooking Diva and virtual assistant since August 2013. She lives in Salt Lake City with her fiancé and adorable basset hounds.  You can visit Julie on her blog: Confessions of a Cooking Diva

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Kat & Melinda name Kat & Melinda

Kat & Melinda live in Maryland and are best friends who love to create! Whether it is a crafty Pinterest project, hosting a party, home decorating or trying out a new recipe, we just enjoy coming up with ideas and seeing if we can make them happen. We started having craft nights a few years ago, getting together weekly to work on our latest Pinterest -inspired project, and we decided to start a blog to share our creations. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail, but we always have fun.  :)  You can visit Kat & Melinda on their blog: Home.Made.Interest

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Katie name Katie

Katiee lives in Minnesota and is a busy mom to three little boys and wife to a great guy.  In my spare time I try to be crafty, and love all things DIY and homemade.  I share a little of this and that on my blog, but DIY, crafts, home decor, and kid’s stuff seem to be my favorites (along with random shots of my kiddos and dog that I just can’t resist sharing).  You can visit Katie on her blog: View from the Fridge

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Kelley name Kelley

Kelley is a 40 something mother of 3, 1 by marriage, 2 by birth. I love to get catty and sarcastic with my girlfriends over a few bottles of wine and I’ve recently taken to binge watching British television shows on Netflix.  You can visit Kelley on her blog: Miss Information

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Kim name Kim

Kim lives in Ontario, Canada and is a snarky, sassy food blogger, pinterest addict, mom to 2 hooligans, pet wrangler, mason jar hoarder, grillaholic and serious pistachio muncher! If you can’t find me in the kitchen I’m either organizing my closets, or lining up hundreds of perfectly labelled mason jars in alphabetical order. I also have an unhealthy addiction to The Walking Dead, I’ve watched 4 seasons, 5 times each, in 3 months. Send help immediately, I hear Daryl is free.   You can visit Kim on her blogs: Cravings of a Lunatic & Kiss My Smoke

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Kimberly name Kimberly

Kimberly lives in Arizona with her family. On A Night Owl is a creative lifestyle community featuring DIY/crafts, decor, recipes, family, and more! She’s a working mom who loves to create and spend time with my boys.  You can visit Kimberly on her blog: A Night Owl

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Kirsten name Kirsten

Kirsten live in Georgia and loves to share her insights on life, style, and blogging. When she’s not ankle-deep in glitter and paint, Kirsten is spending time with her hubby & daughter in the heart of the South, with a mason jar full of sweet iced tea, of course!  You can visit Kirsten on her blog: Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

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Krissy name Krissy

Krissy loves all things food.  So much so that constant cooking and talking about food was no longer good enough.  She started the Self Proclaimed Foodie blog to share her unconditional love of food with all the other foodies out there. Why?  Because people who love to eat are always the best people.  Krissy lives in Portland, OR with her {always hungry} husband and two kids.  She loves everything about the Pacific NW… especially the food.  Krissy works full time in the high tech industry, dabbles in portrait photography on the side, and is obsessed with her foodie blog.  You can visit Krissy on her blog: Self Proclaimed Foodie

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Kristi name Kristi

Kristi has a background in graphic design, marketing, and event management, making lifestyle blogging a great fit for her. A native Texan and Jesus follower, she shares creative tips, recipes, printables, DIY projects and more at her main blog, ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com. Recently, she took all of her painting tutorials and started kristispaintbrush.com…a blog about all things paint related (incidentally, she made some extra side money after college refinishing furniture for friends and family…giving her a background in furniture refinishing and painting). She and her husband and their two boys reside just north of Austin, in Texas.  You can visit Kristi on her blogs: I Should Be Mopping The Floor & Kristi’s Paintbrush

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~Lisa name


Lisa lives in Wisconsin with her husband and three little kids.  When she’s not busy chasing toddlers, reading stories, and tying shoe laces, she’s pretending to be a chef, baker, and seamstress all in the name of maintaining some sanity while living in the suburbs.  Follow along on her adventures and misadventures in cooking, crafting, and parenting.  You can visit Lisa on her blog: Wine & Glue

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Maria name Maria

Maria is a Jesus following, Disney quoting, makeup loving, weight loss journeying, affordably fashioned, zumba dancing, married, momma of 3! With a passion for inspiring and encouraging others to look and feel their best, she believes beauty comes from within… With that in mind she enjoys sharing the fun and confidence a little makeup can bring.  You can visit Maria on her blog: Agape Love Designs

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Marion name Marion

Marion is the chief cook, bottle washer, recipe developer, photographer, writer, social media crazy person, and founder of Life Tastes Good. I’m also the wife of the luckiest man in the world <wink>, and mom to our amazing daughter who left us with a very empty nest when she went to college. Shortly thereafter Life Tastes Good was born.

Life Tastes Good is my 2nd baby and full-time job! My husband of almost 25 years, Don, is the official taste tester and such a good sport! He will eat most anything!! Except those meatballs I made once where I subbed in fiber cereal for the breadcrumbs trying to be healthy. NOT a good idea! The dog wouldn’t even go there!! Won’t make that mistake again!!  You can visit Marion on her blog: Life Tastes Good

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Melissa name Melissa

Melissa lives in California and is a health and fitness coach whose mission is to help others be the best and healthiest version of themselves possible. That passion comes from a lifetime of ballet that included a struggle with food and body image. She’s a wife, corgi mom, and soon to be mom to a baby girl, and is available for anyone looking to make a positive change in their health.  You can visit Melissa on her blog: Dancing for Food

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Michele name Michele

Michele is a wife, sister, dog mom, food lover, chocolate lover, and software administrator by day and a food blogger and recipe developer by night.  My husband and I and our yellow lab, Rosie, live in Southeast Texas.  In my free time, I love to cook delicious, quick and easy, budget-friendly recipes with a mosaic of flavors.  You can visit Michele on her blog: Flavor Mosaic

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Nancy name Nancy

Nancy is a wife to an Italian, mother to a handful of kids, Nancy likes to cook and bake. Let’s see what we can create! Let’s eat!!  You can visit Nancy on her blog: The Bitter Side of Sweet

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Rachel name 10731154_10204358863764788_8088558860593150361_n

Rachel lives in Arizona, and is a no-pattern-sewing, eye-ball-it-crafting, shortcut-recipe-making kind of girl. I’m a sucker for old missions, Snickers candy bars, babies, cocktails and puppies {not necessarily in that order}.  You can visit Rachel on her blog: {i love} my disorganized life

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Renee name Renee

Blogger, recipe developer, wife, mom and nurse are a few of the many hats I wear at Renee’s’ Kitchen Adventures.  Having a passion for cooking and baking and a desire to be healthy has lead me on an adventure in my kitchen, because food that is good for you should taste good too!  But, I always leave a little room for an indulgent treat now and again!  You can visit Renee on her blog: Renee’s Kitchen Adventures

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Sara name


Sara lives in the Arizona desert with her three little boys and college sweetheart husband. After hanging up her high school biology teacher lab coat, she launched the creative lifestyle site Mom Endeavors. On the site, you’ll find Sara sharing creative inspiration about cooking, celebrating, creating, traveling with kids, and more everyday mom endeavors.  You can visit Sara on her blog: Mom Endeavors

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Sarah K name

Sarah K new pic

Sarah is a former antiques dealer with a love for fine antiques and a passion for 20th century modern. As a lifestyle blogger, Sarah now spends her days writing about her modern-eclectic style and her quest for domestic bliss through design, gardening, and creative diy. She resides in Georgia along with her amazing husband and a collection of pets which might include an ocassional brood of designer chickens.  You can visit Sarag on her blog: {home-ology}

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Sarah O name

~Sarah O

Sarah lives in Oregon with her husband and daughter. She works full-time as a rural mail-carrier. Sarah loves that she can load her slow cooker in the morning before work and come home to a comforting meal. You can visit Sarah on her blog: The Magical Slow Cooker

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~Shinee name


Born and raised in Mongolia, Shinee (Shin-eh) now lives in rural North Dakota with her rancher husband. Living in a country and not having access to many restaurants and bakeries led her to cooking and experimenting in her own kitchen. She blogs about various finger food, bite-size desserts and appetizers, cakes and cocktails. It’s always party time on her blog! All her recipes include step-by-step photo instructions. You can visit Shinee on her blog: Sweet and Savory by Shinee

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Tanya name Tanya

Tanya lives in Ohio with her three wild and crazy kids and husband.   She loves cooking and baking for her friends and family but likes to keep things simple.  She blogs about easy, accessible food that the whole family will enjoy.  She loves eating and preparing all types of foods, especially ethnic food and anything involving frosting!  Visit Tanya at Lemons for Lulu.  You can visit Tanya on her blog: Lemons for Lulu

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Tara M name Tara M

Tara is the voice (and flurry of chaos) behind her blog, Suburble. Her main focus is making a home – whether that be through cooking, organizing, crafting, decorating or letting the mess pile up while she spends time with her family. Her partners-in-crime – her daughters – are often right beside her when things are getting creative in the Suburble household. You can often find Tara scouring the shelves of a thrift store – she firmly believes that there isn’t anything a can of spray paint can’t fix. Above all, Tara wants to have a laugh – even if it’s at herself. A mug of tea, good friends, and a project (or three) are all this girl needs.  You can visit Tara on her blog: Suburble

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Tara N name


Cooking, baking and entertaining have been a lifelong passion for Tara. She started at a very young age to bake and cook for her family. Even attempting many of Julia Child’s recipes as a young teenager and cooking meals for the family or for company.  Now she adores entertaining and celebrating the holidays. Her husband Ken loves being in the kitchen creating right along with her.  Their daughter also enjoys everything that the kitchen has to offer.  The family lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where they love to dabble in all kinds of recipes plus do cookbook, product and restaurant reviews.  You can visit Tara on her blog: Noshing with the Nolands

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Wendy name Wendy

I’m always in the kitchen!  Always!  That’s where the chocolate and Coke are hidden.  I do come out occasionally to spend time with my 2 rambunctious kids and Hubbyman! I have been cooking as long as I can remember and my simple, from scratch cooking is what won my hubbyman’s heart. I belive getting together around the supper table is important for families.  Let me help you get there faster with my quick and easy, family-friendly recipes.  You can visit Wendy on her blog: Around My Family Table

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Former Contributors

Emily name emily

Emily has been blogging since December 2013, but she’s been passionate about decorating and discovering affordable ways to design since she was in high school! In addition to being a professional event planner, she loves to entertain and is the go to party planner in her social circles. Few things make her happier than a cold glass of bubbly and a well dressed table. Her greatest accomplishments include her daughter, Addelyn and husband, Derrick, who keep her grounded and thankful every day.  You can visit Emily on her blog: Gold & Stripes

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