BLUEBERRY MINT SPRITZER is a thirst quenching summer time beverage made with 4 simple ingredients and ready in 5 minutes. This recipe is one the entire family will love!
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Blueberry Mint Spritzer

Blueberry Mint Spritzer a fresh, fruit & thirst quenching non-alcoholic beverage that is made with 4 simple ingredients and ready in 5 minutes.
Course Drink
Author Sandra McCollum


  • 1 package 10 ounces frozen blueberries
  • 2 liters lemon-lime soda chilled, I used Fresca
  • 1 can 12 ounces frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
  • 1/4 cup fresh mint roughly chopped, you can add up to 1/3 cup if you really like mint
  • Mint leaves optional garnish
  • Lemon slices optional garnish


  • Place the blueberries in a blender or food processor and turn on to chop up the blueberries into small, small pieces, some of the blueberries may even become pureed.
  • In a large pitcher stir together soda and lemonade concentrate.
  • Add one cup of soda and lemonade mixer to the blender, along with 1/3 cup mint leaves. Puree the mixture together for 3-5 seconds, so that the mint is incorporated with the blueberries.
  • Spoon the pureed blueberries and mint on to the top of the soda and lemonade mixture. Once all of the blueberries are added gently stir together. Be careful the spritzer will bubble and you don't want it over flowing your pitcher. If you don't have a large pitcher just divide among two smaller pitchers.
  • At this point you can serve as is, which is what I prefer because I love the little blueberry pieces. But my kids prefer me to strain the blueberries out. Choose what you prefer.
  • Refrigerate until ready to serve.
  • Pour into individual glasses and garnish with mint leaves or lemon slices if desired.