Grilled Veggie Pesto Flatbread

Enjoy what the season's produce has to offer and make this tasty Grilled Veggie Pesto Flatbread!

Enjoy what the season's produce has to offer and make this tasty Grilled Veggie Pesto Flatbread!  Have you been loving all the fresh produce you can pick from your garden or get at your local farmer's market?  This time of year is abundant with such a variety of good-for-you veggies!  A great way to enjoy them is grilled them up and making flatbread.  The recipe comes … [Read more...]

Lunch Box Veggie Pizza Roll-Ups

Lunch Box Veggie Pizza Roll-Ups FEAT 2

These Lunch Box Veggie Pizza Roll-Ups sneak an extra serving of vegetables into your little one's lunch!  They can be heated up or served cold. Who doesn't love cold pizza?!?  If you have a kid who loves to dip, serve with a side of marinara sauce!  I'm a big fan of sneaking veggies into unexpected foods!  Even if your kid is a good eater, an extra serving of veggies never … [Read more...]

Grilled Bacon and Blue Cheese Pizza

Summer pizza nights just got a little more exciting with Grilled Bacon and Blue Cheese Pizza!

Summer pizza nights just got a little more exciting with Grilled Bacon and Blue Cheese Pizza! I have been making pizza, actually 2 pizzas, every Friday night for the last 13 years. I haven't done the math, but that's a lot of pizza. It is one of the kids' favorite nights, and whether I feel like it or not, you will find me in the kitchen making dough every Friday … [Read more...]

Pesto Pizza

Pesto Pizza is so fresh that my family begs for me to make it all the time now!

PESTO PIZZA is the best way to enjoy your basil and tomato harvest! It is fantastic for lunch, dinner or even an appetizer with friends! I was at the grocery store the other day and came across, fresh, handmade mozzarella cheese. It was made that day!!!  I love fresh mozzarella cheese and learning to make it is on my bucket list. As soon as I saw it I bought the last two and … [Read more...]

Pizza Pasta Bake

Pizza Pasta Bake is a family favorite! I make a double batch to freeze for later!

PIZZA PASTA BAKE is perfect for feeding a crowd or freezing for busy nights. It's a baked pasta with your favorite pizza toppings mixed in and on top! My kids love it! My youngest son goes to a co-op school for kindergarten.  Our public school only offers half day kindergarten and that just wasn't going to be enough for this little guy!  We love his school.  He has a small … [Read more...]

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza is our new weekend breakfast! The kids love to help!

BREAKFAST PIZZA is super easy to make and my family loves it! Kids love to help make them and eat them. They're perfect for a weekend breakfast! This weekend I really wanted eggs and sausage.  I'm nothing fancy just eggs and sausage but then I put my head in the fridge and the wheels started spinning and I pulled out everything to make breakfast pizza and this happened. … [Read more...]

Pizza Pull Apart Bread

Pizza Pull Apart Bread is so easy to make and probably the most amazing appetizer I've made!

There's no better appetizer than the warm bread, melted cheese and delicious pizza toppings in the PIZZA PULL APART BREAD! OK.  I made pizza pull apart bread.  I had talked about it with my kids when I first had the idea and then finally made it late one afternoon.  My kids happened to be over at their friends house.  As soon as I finished taking pictures to show you all my … [Read more...]

Supreme Pizza Bubble Bake

Supreme Pizza Bubble Bake | Real Housemoms

Whip up this Supreme Pizza Bubble Bake in no-time using refrigerated biscuits for the crust along with your favorite pizza ingredients! It has all of the flavors of your favorite pizza joint, in an easy to make casserole dish! It's sure to become a family favorite! If there is one food my family always agrees on, it's pizza! They're not even picky - thick crust, thin … [Read more...]

Tuna Zucchini Pizza

Tuna Zucchini Pizza 4

Make Fish Fridays taste even better when you add Tuna Zucchini Pizza to the mix! So tell me, how's the weather? That seems to be the topic of all topics? Is it cold, rainy or are you lucky with warm and sun? Here we had the whole dramatic flare of the meteorologist telling us buy milk and bread because we were getting a LOT of snow! Then the big event happens and it was like … [Read more...]

Easy Bread Maker Pizza Dough

Bread maker pizza dough- in content

My kids love to get involved in meal prep. If they can get their hands dirty whilst snacking at the same, time, they're in. Lucy has recently discovered the joy of pizza. She isn't brave enough to have something complicated - just cheese and sauce for her, please - but she revels in forming her own little circles of dough. She insists that she make our pizzas too. She's … [Read more...]