Cookies and Cream Krispy Treats

cookies and cream krispy treat FEAT 2

Everyone loves krispy treats!  They are perfect here in Arizona where we never want to turn on our ovens because we live in one!!!  LOL well it feels that way sometimes.  I love making krispy treats and my husband loves those Oreos.  So why not combine them?!  Kids young and old will come running for these Cookies and Cream Krispy Treats! I used to make the worst krispy … [Read more...]

Ultimate No Bake Cookies ‘n Cream Cheesecake

Ultimate No Bake Cookies N Cream Cheesecake is heaven in a jar! So simple to make and creamy perfection!

 ULTIMATE NO BAKE COOKIES 'N CREAM CHEESECAKE is perfect for summer! This dessert is rich, chocolaty, creamy and dream worthy!!! I love Oreos and all things cookies 'n cream!  I mean if I could marry Oreos I would.  I can't have them in the house unless I am baking with them and then giving some away!  I will walk past the pantry and just grab two.  Then 2 minutes later grab … [Read more...]

Cookies and Cream Bourbon Balls

Cookies & Cream Bourbon Balls

Rich, chocolatey cookies and cream bourbon balls with tons of bourbon flavor are a perfect Valentine's Day or any time treat! I'll never forget the first time I tried a bourbon ball. It was at The Big Traveling Potluck--an awesome blogging conference where everyone brings a dessert--and it was love at first bite! I couldn't stop thinking about how it was the best thing I … [Read more...]

No-Bake Cool Mint Cookie Chews

No-Bake Cool Mint Cookie Chews_Real Housemoms

  My goodness you guys!  This year is flying by!!!!  I can't believe that Valentine's Day has already come and gone.  My youngest son's school is a co-op so the parents work at the school.  He just started at the school and yesterday on Valentine's Day was my first time working in his class.  Not only was it Valentine's Day but they were celebrating the 100th day of school, … [Read more...]

EASY NO BAKE Cookie Bars

EASY NO BAKE Cookie Bars

I needed to go into the grocery store the other day for two things, but as it often goes, two things turn into about twenty.  I had my kids with me this time and they know that the basket, and sometimes unplanned cart, will end up quite full, no matter what I need to buy.  When I do take my kids, they always want to buy a few special treats or yummy snacks.  Even when I go by … [Read more...]

Candy Cane Oreo Balls

Candy Cane Oreo Balls

WOW!  Candy Cane Oreo Balls are absolutely amazing!  My husband loves them so much that he says, "they are life-changing"!  Since the  Pumpkin Pie Pops that I made on Halloween were so incredible and such a huge hit at a party, I thought it would be fun to try a Christmas version.  Awhile ago, my friend made some Oreo Balls using regular oreos and shared some with our family. … [Read more...]

Sand Pudding

sand pudding 2

Sand pudding is outstanding!!! It tastes similar to cheesecake, which is my all time favorite dessert.  I showed my kids the full bucket and they were surprised that they could actually eat this "sand". They thought it looked so real and they loved how the "sand" and pudding tasted together!  I could not stop eating spoonful after spoonful, and ate so much I might as well have … [Read more...]