Chicken and Vegetable Quinoa Bowl with a Kick

 Chicken and Vegetable Quinoa Bowl with a Kick is a delicious protein and flavor packed dinner or lunch!

Chicken and Vegetable Quinoa Bowls with a kick | Real Housemoms

It’s warming up and that means bikini season is just around the corner.  Who am I kidding?  I haven’t had a bikini on in just about a decade.  At least not one that didn’t have the word tank in the beginning.   I’m so excited that one piece bathing suits are so cute now!  When things start to warm up I start to think of having to show more arm  rather than my mid drift.  I’m going to be heading out to Las Vegas in September with some heart family to help them celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and I want to look my best.  Beyond that, I really just want to feel my best.

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Busy Weeknight Chicken

 In less time than it takes to have take out delivered you can have this simple and delicious busy weeknight chicken dinner on the table.

Busy weeknight chicken | Real Housemoms

This busy weeknight chicken dinner is so simple, it’s ridiculous.   I have been making it for years when I still worked outside of the house.  I could come home and have dinner on the table in no time!  I love that it’s so basic that you can use the leftovers for virtually anything.  I like to make a double batch when I can and keep it in the fridge for a fast lunch or an even faster dinner another night.  The other night my neighbor invited my oldest over to her house for dinner and he turned her down for this chicken.  I’ve never seen a kid more excited for chicken and rice in my life.  Don’t get me wrong he has so much fun at her house and loves to eat up there but he couldn’t pass up on this chicken.  It makes dinner time even easier when the kids are on board with what your making! [Read more...]

Chicken and Israeli Couscous

Chicken and Israeli Couscous | Real Housemoms

Do you have any dishes that you used to make and, for no apparent reason you realize that you haven’t made it in years?  I do.  Probably a lot more than I actually remember!  This Chicken and Israeli Couscous is one of those dishes!  I was in the store and saw the couscous and it all came back! [Read more...]

One Pan Chicken & Vegetables

one pan Chicken and Vegetables_Real Housemoms

Who doesn’t just love one pan recipes?  I’ve never met a person that cooks and cleans that doesn’t love them.  They make dinner clean up a sinch and they can really turn out the best tasting dishes  most of the time.  This one pan chicken and vegetables recipe is so good and tastes as good as it does BECAUSE you cook it in the one pan.  You start by cooking the chicken in the pan and then take them out and set them aside.  If you look in the bottom of the pan you will see little stuck on pieces of flavor at the bottom of the pan. That’s what gives these vegetables the best flavor ever.  I couldn’t stop sneaking a bite here and there while I was setting up the photo.  I think I’ve found my new favorite go to chicken dish! [Read more...]