Chocolate Berry Muffins

Chocolate Berry Muffins FEAT

A moist decadent muffin full of mixed berries and chocolate makes these Chocolate Berry Muffins perfect for breakfast or brunch! Breakfast in bed is one of those things that is left for very special occasions in our house. Let's face it though, my 3 year old is pulling me out of bed the minute she bounces into my room. So there is no time to just sit in bed before starting the … [Read more...]

Chia Berry Smoothie

Chia Berry Smoothie is a great way to start the day!

 CHIA BERRY SMOOTHIE is a such a delicious way to start the day! Full of vitamins from the fruit and fiber from the chia seeds! I'm loving my smoothies!  I got a new blender for Christmas and it's been fantastic!  My last blender wasn't very strong so I had a hard time making smoothies.  I went and stocked my freezer with all finds of frozen fruit and now I'm going to town. … [Read more...]

Ham Swiss and Egg Cups

Ham Swiss and Egg Cups are such an easy make ahead breakfast full of protein and lots of yummy flavor!

 HAM SWISS AND EGG CUPS are so good and they make a great make ahead breakfast full of protein! I have been trying to eat healthier and make better decisions when it comes to my food.  I'm sure I'm the only one, right! ;)  For me the best way to make good choices through out the day is to start early but for me mornings are packed with things to do and places to get so I … [Read more...]

Spinach Mushroom Feta Crustless Quiche

Spinach Mushroom Feta Crustless Quiche is the best breakfast or dinner without all the guilt!

 SPINACH MUSHROOM FETA CRUSTLESS QUICHE is full of flavor and a completely guiltless breakfast that will make a crowd go nuts! Sundays are the best days for big breakfasts!  I love to have a big breakfast full of sweet and savory deliciousness but I don't want to do a bunch of cooking and unless my Mom is in town or it's my birthday, no one else is going to make it.  I like … [Read more...]

Breakfast Sweet Potato Casserole

Breakfast Sweet Potato Casserole

This breakfast sweet potato casserole is perfect for a single leftover sweet potato, so use up those extra potatoes in this hearty breakfast. Hi y’all!  I’m Wendy from Around My Family Table and I’m so excited to be joining Aubrey and the rest of the gang once a month here on Real Housemoms.  I’m so excited for this adventure and can’t wait to share some easy recipes with … [Read more...]