Spinach, Bacon and Strawberry Salad

 Strawberry salads are a great summer salad.  They work as a side dish to any meal or as a light lunch!  The fresh strawberries with the bacon, in this Spinach, Bacon and Strawberry Salad will have you making this salad all the time.

Spinach Bacon and Strawberry Salad | Real Housemoms

We went strawberry picking the other day with our little monkeys  It was great to get out as a family and stroll through the fields with our buckets and pick tasty little bites.  We are a strawberry loving family for sure!  If I get busy and don’t know what I’m going to make for dinner I will usually grab some frozen chicken sausage out of the freezer and cook that up for the boys and slice some fresh strawberries.  Not totally balanced but better than fast food, and tastes better too!  A common problem that people leave when they go strawberry picking is the need to find something to do with ALL THOSE STRAWBERRIES!  I think it’s the size of the buckets.  You sort of go into a strawberry picking zone and you just keep going down the rows and filling your bucket.  Then you find yourself driving home with 20 pounds of strawberries.  Maybe not 20 but close, let’s say 15.  :) [Read more...]

Fully Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes

 Twice baked potatoes are always a big hit and these Fully Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes are no exception. Plus, they’re a great side for a big summer BBQ!

Fully Loaded Twice Baked Potato | Real Housemoms

We had friends over for a small barbecue for Memorial Weekend.  It was a fun afternoon of games and cards and catching up.   We were laughing so hard at times that our faces were sore.  I tried out a few new recipes on them that I’ll be sharing with you all over the next few weeks and this recipe is one.  Let me apologize for the picture of this potato.  I had several made and all great but I lost my light on Memorial Day so I saved a couple to take pictures of for you all.  As I ran out the door to chaperone my son’s field trip to tour Portland’s bridge,s I called out to my husband, “Don’t eat the potatoes or ribs until I [Read more...]

Baby Quiche Lorraine

Baby Quiche Lorraine | Real Housemoms

It’s a baby shower!!!!  I’m so excited to be apart of Lisa’s (from Wine & Glue) virtual baby shower!  As a blogger we “meet” so many great people online.  It’s almost like having two lives, one is the online life of a blogger and the other is the face to face real life of a mom (in my case).   So, when one of my online friends is having a baby it only makes sense to have an online, virtual baby shower.  When I think about cute foods to make for a shower, because all food at a baby shower must be cute, I think baby quiche.  I’ve told you before that my mom made quiche for parties in the 80′s and so it’s sort of stuck in my head as a great party food.  I think it went out of fashion for a bit but, as with Gem and My Little Ponies, they’re back!  I’m so glad because they’re so tasty, versatile and an easy make ahead appetizer.  These Baby Quiche Lorraine can be made by anyone that can make scrambled eggs. [Read more...]

Bacon, Sausage & Cheddar Quiche

Bacon Sausage and Cheddar Quiche_Real Housemoms


It seems to be making a great comeback.  I remember when it was big in the 80′s.  I was too young to cook but I remember eating them.  I remember asking someone when I was little what a quiche was after hearing it and being told that it was an egg pie.  That was probably the worst and yet pretty accurate description of a quiche. [Read more...]