Snickers Chocolate Cake

Snickers Chocolate Cake #snickers #dessert


This cake is the traditional birthday cake in my family.  My mom found the recipe in a Southern Living magazine (we think) years ago.  No recipe has been used in several years and it has been made for birthday after birthday for over 20 years.  The original doesn’t call for Snickers but I thought it would make a great addition, mainly because it’s my favorite candy bar and this is my favorite cake!  I’m mean how could I go wrong!!!  Originally I was thinking of how I could use these Snickers in a dessert when I started to think a cake.  As I was imagining a cake I realized I was baking THIS cake in my head and so the Snickers cake was born.  This cake is so simple and WILL be gone before the end of the day that it’s baked.  It doesn’t matter how much self control you have or how many people you have at your house IT. WILL. BE. GONE.   I suggest having a house full to avoid eating a cake by yourself but hey, if you do I will be super impressed and jealous.  Make sure to let me know. :)

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Snickers Chocolate Cake
Prep time
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This cake is so easy to make a beginner can do it. It is a show stopper and major crowd pleaser.
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 8
  • 1 box Devil Food cake mix (and ingredients called for in box directions)
  • 1 c brown sugar
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1 c chopped walnuts (or your favorite nut)
  • 2 1/4 c heavy whipping cream
  • 2 heaping Tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 2 full size snickers bars
  1. Mix cake batter according to directions
  2. in a pan on med heat combine brown sugar, butter and 1/4 c of whipping cream
  3. stir constantly until combined
  4. remove from heat as soon as combined and melted (caramel will continue to cook in oven)
  5. spray 9 inch round cake pans with cooking spray
  6. split caramel mixture into pans evenly
  7. sprinkle chopped nuts over caramel, 1/2 cup in each
  8. gently add cake mix to pans equally (I use a spoon to add dollops around to avoid spreading caramel to sides)
  9. bake per box directions
  10. allow to cool in pan for 5 minutes
  11. run knife around the edge to loosen cake
  12. cut off any bump that may have formed while baking for a level surface
  13. place a plate on top of pan and flip allow pan to sit upside down on plate to cool
  14. while cake is cooling beat remaining heavy whipping cream until peaks form
  15. add powdered sugar then continue to whip until stiff peaks form
  16. add half whipping cream on caramel side(top) of bottom layer and spread
  17. add top cake layer and then add remaining whipped cream to top and spread
  18. crush Snickers bars (I freeze to make this easier)
  19. sprinkle on top of cake
  20. keep in fridge until ready to serve.


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    • says

      Thanks Dorothy! I have half of this cake sitting in the fridge in my garage and it has been calling my name all morning. I have to get out of the house so I don’t eat the rest. By myself. :)

  1. Sue says

    Aubrey, love the idea of this cake and will try it. I enjoyed the Butterfinger cake so much – how can we go wrong with chocolate and cake?!!

    One request, when you specify a candy bar, could you use the weight? I realize you put ‘full size’ Snickers so people don’t use the fun or mini size. But many stores now sell only XL candy bars and that makes things messy. I bought 4 Butterfingers in the XL size not realizing until I was into the final stage that my bars were way too big. I will be forced to eat the 2 leftover bars so I’m not complaining too much. Thnx.

    • says

      Thanks Sue! I think you’ll really enjoy this. The net wt of the Snickers bars that I used is 2.07 oz. I went to the candy aisle (not by the register) and bought a 6 pack of “full size bars” That is the term on the package. Hope that helps. :)
      Aubrey recently posted..Snickers Chocolate CakeMy Profile

  2. says

    Just had to check out this recipe when we saw the delicious picture!! Oh my! Can’t wait to try this yummy snickers cake! Thanks for sharing this at our Strut Your Stuff Saturday link party! -The Six Sisters

    • says

      Thanks! It’s a huge family favorite with me and my brothers, I know you will all love it. :) Just make sure you have a party to help you eat it.

  3. Heather says


    Something went wrong. I put the cake in the fridge to cool and went back 15mins later and it fell apart. I would love to try it again – especially since the cake was so yummy even crumbled. HELP!

    • says

      Heather, I’m not sure what happened there but we’ll try to figure it out. What cake mix did you use? How long did you let it rest on the counter in the pan before the fridge?

      • Heather says

        I haven’t tried it since but I think it might have been that I didn’t take the 2nd cake out of the pan and let it cool – I left it in the pan to cool. When I went to take it out I could feel it wasn’t as from as the bottom layer. I am going to try it again and report back. PS have you thought about turning this in to a cupcake?

        • says

          I bet that’s it! I’ve over cooked my caramel or left it in the pan too long and had it come apart on me too. I was just thinking about it being a great little cupcake when I was baking this one for the post. If you try it let me know how it goes. I may just have to try it out in a few months. :)

  4. Stephanie says

    I was dying to make this but I am gluten free. I substituted a chocolate gluten free cake mix. The carmel ran over into my oven and smoked up the house. The gluten free mix must make more batter than a traditional mix. After I flipped the cakes out to cool, I had a little taste…OMG!!! I am pretty sure that is the best cake I have ever tasted. Who doesn’t need a little fresh air in the house to clear the smoke in the middle of winter, anyway?! :-) I can’t wait to top it with the whipped cream and Snickers and have a whole slice. Thanks for such a great recipe!

  5. Lyndsy says

    I can not wait to try this out for my mom’s birthday. Just a quick question. how much butter did you use? I know it says a stick, but I just want to make sure that I use the same quantity.

  6. Lyndsy says

    This cake was a huge hit! Thank you so much for sharing. I will make this again and again!!! I did have it overflow and smoke up the oven and house, but it was well worth it. Next time I will use larger cake pans

  7. Christie says

    I just wanted to let you know I have made this cake twice. Saying this cake is fabulous is an understatement! I made one for an auction last year and was asked specifically for this cake again this year. I also made it for a friends birthday and everyone raved about it! Thanks!

  8. Stacey says

    Mmm looks so good! Making this for my sisters birthday. Curious think this would work in a sheet pan? Do the recipe as is and than I think I would cut it in half and make it a double so double the frosting. And use candied peanuts?? Think that might work?

  9. Shanna Leeds says

    Made it this weekend. A big hit. I made the cake one day and put it together the next morning, when input the top layer on it broke apart some. I did not know if I put it together the same day if it the whipped cream would hold overnight.

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