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I hope everyone enjoyed a special Mother’s Day with family, friends, and loved ones! I am a very blessed mommy of two beautiful, happy, and healthy children and they make me so proud!  I have the most amazing mom and I wish I could have spent the day with her, but my parents are coming out soon to visit, so we will celebrate then! We had an amazing weekend of pool time and lobster, crab, and steak on Saturday with Aubrey’s family, followed by a wonderful Sunday of love and snuggles, an incredible breakfast, and a wonderful dinner at our friend’s house, where the men cooked for all the moms!

Last year for Mother’s Day, I made my mom a Photo Planter and she LOVED it!  It is a beautiful way to display pictures.  I am a photographer and am constantly snapping away at my kids for portraits, sports, and everyday memories. They grow up way too fast and I want to capture their personalities, smiles, special occasions, birthdays, and achievements.  A Photo Planter would be an amazing gift for a mom, grandma, sister, friend, or teacher.  My mom let me borrow hers for a little while, but it is time to return it.  That means I need to get busy and make one for myself with pictures of my kids and family!  I love the look of black and white photos for this project, but color would look really nice too.  For my mom’s planter, I decided to do my daughter on one side, my son on another, my parents with the kids on one side, and my kids together on the fourth side.  I absolutely love how it turned out! Using a planter with flat sides made it easy to mod podge the pictures.  The color and pattern choices for your ribbon are endless. I love love love the bright turquoise in contrast with the black and white pictures, and I have a thing for polka dots, so I think the planter looks gorgeous!  I love photo gifts and when I saw this planter on Pinterest and Tip Junkie, I knew I had to make one.

Here is what you need:

planter, mod podge, photos, scissors, ribbon, clear acrylic spray


  • Cut photos to fit and cover the planter
  • Put mod podge on the back of a photo and place on the planter
  • Repeat with each photo
  • Apply mod podge on top of every picture
  • Let dry and apply one more coat
  • Let it dry
  • Cut your ribbon to fit around the top of the planter
  • Apply mod podge to the top of the planter and wrap ribbon on the mod podge
  • Apply another coat of mod podge on top of the ribbon
  • Let it dry
  • Spray the whole planter with clear acrylic spray to remove any stickiness




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