Quinoa Chicken Stir Fry

 This QUINOA CHICKEN STIR FRY is a super fast, protein packed dinner the entire family will love!   So many fantastic flavors and colors it will brighten the end to any day.

quinoa chicken stir fry | Real Housemoms

Confession, sometimes I get caught up on the computer and don’t realize what time it is, and dinner is a distant thought.  I have a full stock of Pinterest boards with yummy goodness but nothing ready to go for my family in my real kitchen.  I run down to the kitchen looking for something to make in a hurry to avoid having to drive somewhere to pick up dinner.  Well this happened to me recently and I grabbed a bunch of ingredients with protein thinking that if I didn’t have a lot I’d at least fill my family up with an insane amount of protein and they may not notice.  The end result was this Quinoa Chicken Stir Fry!  It was so good that I made it again that same week!   It is so filling that you could probably serve it to more than four people but I’m not sure.  I would probably just make a double batch and enjoy the leftovers because they are great! [Read more...]

Wednesday Whatsits {117}

Wednesday WhatsitsHi Everyone!

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Wednesday Whatsits!!!


Today we woke up to rain.  I have to say that I’ve never been so excited and nervous for the rain before.  I was nervous because we put a new roof up on my office ourselves.  My husband and I got up on the roof and did it all.  We watched YouTube videos as we went and talked with a super helpful guy at the hardware store and we did it!   Not only were we able to put it up ourselves and survive (I may be afraid of heights) but it worked when the rain came.  The next phase is to get rid of all the damaged walls and things and rebuild.  I didn’t want to do that before we knew the roof was working, so the rain couldn’t have come at a better time.  If you want to see pictures of the awesome new roof  and the disaster that is the room check it out here. [Read more...]

Raspberry Lemon Iced Teagarita

Cuervo’s Iced Teagarita is combined with fresh raspberries and lemon juice to make a RASPBERRY LEMON ICED TEAGARITA for a VERY refreshing cocktail on a warm summer day!  You can’t go wrong with iced tea and margaritas!

raspberry lemon iced teagarita | Real Housemoms

I’m a pretty bad procrastinator.  It’s true, I’m terrible.  I will have all the best intentions of keeping on top of my projects and finishing ahead of time and then all of a sudden my due date is on top of me and I’m in a mad dash to finish.  That’s sort of the situation I’m in right now.  One of my very best friends is coming into town in a couple of weeks with her family and they’ve never seen our new house.   [Read more...]

Sparkling Peach Punch

 SPARKLING PEACH PUNCH is a deliciously refreshing punch. Using fresh summer peaches and raspberries really takes the flavors to a new level and creates the most beautiful treat!

Sparkling Peach Punch | Real Housemoms

A few weeks ago we had some friends over for a barbecue.  It was a lot of fun.  We have been so lucky to move into a cul de sac that has a family with a little boy the same age as our oldest son.  It truly made the move that much easier for my little guys.  Then it got better when we met the rest of the family.  They are so sweet, kind and caring and perfect for barbecuing with and being another example for our kids as they grow up! [Read more...]